Testimonials - Here's what some of our students and parents say about our classes

Robert Wilson

“With my upcoming Black Tag grading I decided to book some one to one tuition with Mr James Reed aside of the regular training sessions attended. This allowed us to focus on specific areas of the syllabus which needed extra work and development. Videoing patterns and playing back with attached feedback allowed me to see for myself weaknesses that James could only describe to me. I would recommend a one to one tutorial to anyone working up through the grades requiring some confidence building and fine tuning. I’ll find out this week if it was all worth while – fingers crossed!”

Robert Wilson Stewarton Classes

Angie Smillie (Parent)

“James Reed’s classes are great! My two boys go to his Rutherglen class and both love it. My boys tried another Tae Kwon-Do class before but never wanted to go back but since starting James’ class they both are so keen now. James takes his time with the boys and explains things to them if they are struggling with their patterns. I would recommend it highly and his prices are really good.”

Angie Smillie (Parent) Rutherglen Class

Sara Watson (Parent)

“My 5 year old daughter & 7 year old son go to James’ group at Loudoun Academy! They absolutely love it! James is very patient with the younger children and they really pay attention to what he is telling them! Many thanks James!”

Sara Watson (Parent) Galston Class

“My sons go to both the Stewarton and Dunlop tae kwondo classes, which they love. The classes are friendly and fun but the students do follow instruction and tution well from their instructor. The students have a lot of respect for their instructor as I have never heard shouting or raised voices from either student or instructor. Only praise. The classes provide a good workout for both body and mind.”

Carole Smith (Parent)

Carole Smith (Parent)
Dunlop / Stewarton Class

“My grandson joined James Reed TKD Dunlop Club a year ago. Before starting training he was being bullied at school and was not very confident . we have seen an enormous difference in him and he is now a confident wee boy who is no longer being bullied as he now stands up for himself. James is a very good teacher who gets the best from his students, giving and getting respect in return. He is avery popular teacher who explains things well to his students and always has control of the class.
I would reccommend his classes to anyone interested.”

Jean Sanderson (Grandparent)

Jean Sanderson (Grandparent)
Dunlop Class

“My son started with James Reed Tae Kwon Do in November and he absolutely loves it. James has made him feel very comfortable and he really looks forward to going. James gives out a monthly news letter which is very informative.

Baillie never wanted to do anything like this before and asked to go after receiving a leaflet at school so I took him expecting him not to want to go back as he didn’t know anybody but everyone is very friendly which is great. So I have a happy boy & he said its absolutely fanstastic.”

Lorna Baillie (Parent)

Lorna Baillie (Parent)
Rutherglen Class

Melanie Cambridge (Parent / Student)

“I joined James’ class in Rutherglen with my son on his first night. I loved the idea of being able to train with my son in the mixed class and soon caught the TKD bug. James has supported me and really helped my son. I have now reached my blue belt and Cameron has reached his green belt. The group itself is very welcoming and supportive of each other and new members and we are always ready to help in any way we can.

In just over a year and a half I have competed throughout the UK and won several medals – something I would never have thought possible as I struggle with nerves especially when I have lots of people watching me. I have tried a few different TKD clubs over the years and never lasted past the 2nd training session due to different reasons but this was very different.

My journey so far has tested me – and James, I have put James’ talents to the test when I fell pregnant and have been overwhelmed by the support he has offered me through my pregnancy. I recommend the class to anyone who has an interest in learning the art and look forward to progressing to black belt and beyond.”

Melanie Cambridge (Parent / Student) Rutherglen Class

“I’ve been training with James Reed TKD for a year and a half now – originally it was just as a way to get fit, but now I’m well on my way to my blue belt and fully intend to carry on to black belt and beyond. James is an excellent teacher and has encouraged me every step of the way.”

Graeme Rennie (Student)

Graeme Rennie (Student)
Rutherglen Class

“My son attended James Reed TKD last year to help build his confidence and he has never looked back. James has an amazing way with the children and they all look up to him. He brings the best out in all the kids in the class and they enjoy being there. James also gives the kids and parents a lot of support if and when needed (especially at grading days). I would definitely recommend James’ club to kids and adults alike.”

Debbie Gaw (Parent)

Debbie Gaw (Parent)
Galston Class

 Shona McBride (Parent)

“The Dunlop TKD club run by James Reed, is really well attended with a broad cross section of children and is particularly convenient as it is in the village twice a week, so children can attend once or twice a week.

The class offers both Tae Kwon Do tuition through the various stages from white belt through to black belt as well as providing good exercise for children presented in a way that develops their skills in Tae Kwon Do.

My son Scott has been going to the class for nearly 3 years now and thoroughly enjoys attending the class and the challenge of progressing to his next belt colour. Although this is not a sparring class, Scott often gets the chance to spar with other kids in the class, as he has his full sparring kit.

James has recently introduced his new club Dobok, which can be worn for training sessions.

I would fully recommend this class to any kids or adults and James offers the 1st lesson free to give the kids a chance to see if they would like to attend on a regular basis.”

Shona McBride (Parent) Dunlop Class